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Europe's elite including Secret, Empire and VP join qualifiers for $650,000 WCA

posted by Wanhope,
After a year long hiatus, the renowned Chinese tournament WCA is back, this time with a massive $650,000 prizepool for the main event. In its European Pro qualifier, 8 teams have been invited to battle it out for 2 tickets to the main event in China this December, with the qualifiers even having their own prize pool of $87,500. The WCA EU Pro qualifier will be broadcast by joinDOTA from the 21st to 24th of September.

Unlike WCA 2014, this year's edition of the tournament will featurer global qualifiers that allow teams placing in the top 2 to compete in the main event. In the European edition, 8 teams have been invited to the European qualifiers, with prize money for all eight teams. First place is well worth fighting for as it secures $45,000 as well as the ticket to China in the main event to fight for $650,000. 16 teams will feature at the LAN Finals schedule just before Christmas, on the 17th-20th December in Yichuan, China.

Europe's finest all accept invites

The invited teams consist of many well established organisations as one would expect. However, many newly reformed rosters such as ua Natus Vincere, eu OG and eu Team Secret were invited to the qualifiers over the likes of other reformed teams with star studded rosters like eu Team Liquid led by de Kuro S. 'KuroKy' Takhasomi and nl Wehsing 'SingSing' Yuen's new team eu Monkey Freedom Fighters*.

The tournament will serve as a test of strength for both new and old rosters alike, as the newly established rosters of eu Team Secret and eu OG will need to demonstrate that they can synergise as a team just as well as the old, unchanged rosters of ru Virtus.Pro*, se Ninjas in Pyjamas* and ru Vega Squadron *.

The calibre of the teams in unison with the fact that prize money is on the line even in the qualifying stage, should make this an incredible qualifiers to watch.

Invited teamsru Virtus.Pro*
ru Team Empire
ru Vega Squadron *
ua Natus Vincere
se Alliance
se Ninjas in Pyjamas*
eu Team Secret
eu OG

Prizepool for qualifiers

1st place: $45,000 USD + invite to the WCA main event
2nd place: $22,500 USD + invite to the WCA main event
3rd place: $15,000 USD
4th-8th place: $3,000 USD


The matches will be played in a single elimination best of three series format, with the first two quarter-final matches being played on the 21st of September. The schedule for the matches is as follows:

September 21st, 2015 (17:00 CEST): Quarterfinal #1, quarterfinal #2
September 22nd, 2015 (17:00 CEST): Quarterfinal #3, quarterfinal #4
September 23rd, 2015 (17:00 CEST): Semifinal #1, semifinal #2
September 24th, 2015 (17:00 CEST): Third place decider, qualifier Finals

Coverage of the event will be brought to you by our wonderful casting team at the joinDOTA studios in Berlin, and all matches will be broadcasted on Twitch.

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