5Jungs show fragility on opening day of The Defense

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The Defense Season V kicked off with eu Team Liquid versus dk Danish Bears*, and after the first game it felt rather cruel for the Danish public to be introduced to Dota 2 by witnessing their nation be pumelled to the ground. However, the Danes struck back to take a game off Kuroky and FATA's new team, who were expected by the large majority of our users to be the favourite to finish in the top 3 of group A.

In our announcement confidence and faith in Danish Bears compared to the teams around them seemed relatively low, with over 90% expecting their elimination in Stage 1. The first groupstage of The Defense is a 2-game series, and Danish Bears' draw with the favourites on the opening day is an excellent start for them, especially considering their match was broadcast on Danish Television channel TV2 Zulu.

In the second game eu Team Liquid failed to contain dk Marcus 'Ace' Hoelgaard's Phantom Assassin, who thanks to Empower from dk Mikki 'Hestejoe-Rotten' Junget's Magnus, finished the game with an incredible 17-4-17 record. 5Jungs' Shadow Demon, and Earthshaker were torn to shreds, amassing 27 deaths between them in the hour long game.

The pair were easy pickings vs PA's BKB, Abyssal and later Satanic, and despite having the two most farmed heroes in the game in Phantom Lancer (603 LH) and Razor (452 LH), 5Jungs were unable to sync well enough together to fend off their aggressor. Danish Bears' journey continues tomorrow against another strong favourite ua ScaryFaceZZZ*, who stayed active throughout the summer in the lower tier competitions. A draw or even a victory for DB could secure them a top 3 finish.

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