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28 July
17:00 CEST
Hellbear Smashers

Dread completes Virtus.Pro

posted by Tezzeret,
Just hours after revealing that ru Nikola '[B]Azen[/B]' Belyakov will be ru Virtus.Pro's fourth player, the organization finally announced their fifth and final player which is ru Andrew '[B]Dread[/B]' Golubev.
[I]Photo by: USSRVision[/I]

Instead of waiting two more days to reveal their final player, Virtus.Pro have decided to give their fans a nice surprise by announcing that Dread will be their last player to complete the roster ahead of schedule.

Just a week ago, Dread had been playing under the ru Darer organization but has since left after the StarLadder Grand Finals in Kiev along with Yaroslav '[B]NS[/B]' Kuznetsov who now leads the helm of the new team.

With their win in the DreamHack summer qualifiers, the team has already started to show some results with their star-studded roster. Time will tell if they can keep it up.

Virtus.Pro Dota 2:
ru Yaroslav '[B]NS[/B]' Kuznetsov
de Kuro '[B]KuroKy[/B]' Takhasomi
ru Alexander '[B]Santa[/B]' Coltan
ru Nikola '[B]Azen[/B]' Belyakov
ru Andrew '[B]Dread[/B]' Golubev