iG.BurNIng: "We couldn't outdraft Secret" after 2-0 wipe

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In an interview with MarsTV, cn Xu 'BurNIng' Zhilei shared his thoughts on facing eu Team Secret. The cn Invictus Gaming position one also shared his thoughts on his team mates, and how their relationship impacts their playstyle.
An eye for an i, Team Secret took 2 games off of iG

The interview came after iG drew a series against Int Fnatic, and earlier that day a suffered 2-0 wipe against Team Secret. When asked who was the harder opponent, Secret was the prompt response from BurNIng. After their defeat to the current world number 1, BurNIng spoke a bit about Secret's heroes.

They have a strong QoP, last time we lost to them, they had a QoP.

Secret have picked QoP three times during The International 2015, winning all three to date. More staggeringly, s4 has played QoP 13 times competitively in the 6.84 patch, winning all 13 games. The two teams have met over 16 different series, with Team Secret taking 14, and iG only taking 2.

As it stands, Team Secret remain top of Group A, whilst iG sit joint 5th, although soon to change with the upcoming matches. BurNIng was reserved on how much he spoke about Secret: "They have many different strategies, and we couldn't outdraft them" were his words when asked whether iG had prepared for Secret's strategies.

He also speaks about his teammates, cn Luo 'Ferrari_430' Feichi and my Wong Hock 'Chuan' Chuan, saying that they are good players, but suggesting there is still room to grow. He says "sometimes we play well, and other times not so much". Potentially unhappy with the current standings, BurNIng remained very focused on the competition at hand, stating that he will decide his plans for after TI, once the tournament has finished.

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