Corsair Gaming Arena grid is up and battle commences later today

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With the TI5 still a few days away, the SEA amateur scene will come alive later today as part of the Corsair Gaming Arena #5. We have also invited eight establish SEA teams to mix it up a little bit and give the qualifier team winners the chance to topple a veteran. Former champions TNC and Kingdom will both join the mayhem as invites, but can a qualifier team give them a taste of their own medicine?

We've got a very Filipino-heavy CorSair Gaming Arena this time around, with 5 of the 8 teams coming from the Philippines. The prize pool for the competition is $2,000, with the usual distribution of $1,500 for first place and $500 for second. All matches are best-of-1 with the exception of the final, making plenty of room for an upset from the aspiring teams.

Invited teams

ph TNC Predator
sg Kingdom*
ph Execration
ph MSI EvoGT*
th Motivade.Trust Gaming
ph Arcanys*
my Team Test*
my Mineski


Thursday 23/07
19:00 SGT - Main Round 1 Part 1
20:00 SGT - Quarterfinals Part 1
21:30 SGT - Main Round 1 Part 2
22:30 SGT - Quarterfinals Part 2

Friday 24/07
19:00 SGT - Semifinal 1
20:15 SGT - Semifinal 2
21:30 SGT - Grand Final (Bo3)

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