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world Mousesports* '14-15 has announced that they will be parting ways with their DOTA 2 squad, who have effectively disbanded in the wake of their defeat at the TI5 qualifiers last month, as the players pursue their own ventures. Mouz made the decision public in a Facebook statement earlier today, which detailed the internal decision making process behind the split.

Mouz stipulated that despite their willingness to continue to support the squad, the players ultimately requested that be released from their contracts just over two months after coming together.

“Mouz had hoped to maintain the roster into the Majors, but, with each player set on their own course, agreed to grant each player their release. We thank each of them for their time with the organization and wish them the best in their next endeavours,” said Mouz’ team manager, Phil Aram.

Mouz went on to confirm that both us Sam 'Bulba' Sosale and de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier will be perusing coaching opportunities in the lead up to TI5, with our sources revealing that Black has already travelled to the MVP team house to assist in their preparations for the main event in Seattle this August.

“Thanks to mouz for everything they gave us. Sadly things didn’t go the best way for our team and it was an unfortunate ending. They still helped us out when we needed it so we all appreciate them for that,” said Bulba, who has yet to confirm whether or not he will be attending TI as a coach.

It has also been indicated that de Max 'Qojqva' Broecker, ca Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen and se Johan 'pieliedie' Åström will be taking a step back from the competitive scene in the immediate future, with no word as to whether or not they will return after TI5 at this time.

According to our sources Black^ will be coaching MVP (Image:

“A big thanks to mouz once again, even though this time our work wasn't as successful and long lasting as we'd hoped, the support they gave us was outstanding,” said Black, who has now separated from mouz three times, having previously participated in the organisation's two previous DOTA teams in 2012 and 2013.

The wording of his statement also insinuated that Mousesports was aware that the team were interested in exploring other avenues. "A big thanks to them for letting all of us pursue our next opportunities," said Black.

The disbandment of Mouz represents the end of world Team Tinker*, who originally came together in the wake of TI4 as a promising team that managed to win several online tournaments including the Megafon battle arena and EIZO cup #12.

However despite their early success the team suffered from stability issues from the outset, with a total of seven players shifting in and out of the roster over the course of the year before Mouz picked up the squad in May.

In the end the squad’s inability to qualify for TI5 represented a significant blow to the team’s motivation, with Qojqva’s decision to step away from the roster further catalysing the decision to disband the team.

Mouz has not yet announced whether they will be looking to pick up another DOTA squad in the near future.

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