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With two major events going on over the course of the same weekend, it was prime time for some classic tweets. We round up some of the best pictures and comments from the MarsTV Dota 2 League and the joinDOTA MLG Season 2 Championships. Our favourites are KuroKy's picture of S4 and MLG's arrival gifts for se Joakim 'Akke' Akterhall, but we'll let you decide your own. KuroKy shares a priceless picture of S4

Zai after winning their third tournament in a row

MLG gifts for Akke and co

Pajkatt after placing second at MLG

Arteezy with his eye on the prize at MDL

embargo on Team Empire Twitter guy

Caster Blitz biased for BOTH teams??

Loda on MLG Season 2 Championships at X-Games

A-Direction has arrived

Empire tweet after Silent Clinkz vs LGD in MDL

Others prep while Blitz has other ideas

post-event competition feat Maelk, Soe and Cap

Offlane friendships - BabyRage and grill

Toby gets homesick at jD MLG season 2

Universe's PS ahead of X-Games

Hand-made Dendi anyone?

Sonneiko doesn't mess around in photoshoots

Who would win in a fight, Soe or Blitz?

There can be no battle till Axe is at hand!

Monster puts a smile back on Alliance but no Dongerino

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