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Jonassomfan quad dunk in the Grand Finals on Axe was testament to what Ninjas in Pyjamas achieved today, an incredible feat on a grand stage, the jD MLG Season 2 Championships. NiP took third in Season 1 and with a first place in Season 2 now look almost certain to feature at the World Championships at the end of the year. Alliance may have "only" taken second, but the result is a great one for the team.

Our Finals MVP: se Jonas 'jonassomfan' Lindholm

"jonassomfan with the QUAD DUNK, as NiP walk away not losing a single hero!" - Capitalist, casting the series-winning Axe play

From the start of the deciding game, se Jonathan 'Loda' Berg was forced to retreat from his own safelane and TP across the map, after NiP unveiled a devastating offlane combo of Axe and Omniknight. Alliance tried to shuffle heroes and lanes in hopes of a more favorable setup, but NiP was relentless in pursuing Loda with their powerful dual lane.

At wit's end, Alliance was forced to commit 5 heroes to take down Jonassfam's Axe, even dropping the Black Hole on the single hero. But Jonassfam kept spinning inside the singularity, cutting down Bulldog's Enigma, and then the rest of the Alliance squad, slamming and jamming en route to a game-winning Quad Kill.

Throughout the final game of the series, Alliance fought admirably despite their huge deficit. Bulldog managed to find openings for crucial Black Holes which kept his team in the game. But NiP was able to play around the cooldowns of major spells and applied tremendous pressure with the aggressive combo of Axe and Slark. In the end, Ninjas in Pyjamas clinched the final game in a fitting manner, rolling Alliance after one last 2-man Berserker's Call from jonassomfan.

In the post-game interview, Era commented on how Ninjas took advatange of Alliance's tendency to draft melee carries for Loda. When asked if the Axe/Omni lane was expected to work so well in the crucial Game 3, Era simply responded, "it was all in the plan".

Alliance had to settle for 2nd place, but it is still a great result for the team

Meanwhile LC and Fnatic who each disposed of one of the favourites during the groupstage, both lost in the semi-finals, forcing a third place decider between the pair. my Lee 'Ky.xY' Kong Yang and my Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung had a field day in both matches, with the Malaysians winning a clean 2-0 to take third place, despite resistance from Madara and London Conspiracy.

With the next event schedule for October, MLG's Adam Apicella tweeted that the jD MLG Pro League will be breaking new ground by including Chinese team(s). Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Final Standings
1. se Ninjas in Pyjamas - $66,899
2. se Alliance - $41,812
3. my Fnatic - $25,087
4. gr London Conspiracy - $16,725

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