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They both fell short of attending The International 5 over a week ago but Ninjas in Pyjamas and Alliance have picked themselves up this weekend. They are the last two remaining teams in the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 Championships, and for both teams victory tomorrow would be a fitting consolation. As for Fnatic and LC, they will clash to decide the bronze medalists! (Image: @kellymilkies)

It's been a long time since Alliance took a place on the podium at a LAN, with their last top3 finish at a major event as far back as October of last year at WCA 2014. What is more their last LAN victory, Dream League Season 1, was 12 months ago, making the Grand Finals tomorrow all the more important.

Ninjas in Pyjamas on the other hand have yet to win a LAN since the team was formed after TI4, but have placed 3rd at three events; Starladder XI, Major all Stars and of course the joinDOTA MLG Season 1 Championships. This will be the team's first top 2 placement at an offline event, and with TI5 now out of reach and a long summer break near at hand, they will want to end this spell with a victory.

LC drew level in game 2 despite NiP getting both Io and Tiny

Coming into the tournament the state of the teams who failed to qualify for TI5 was an unknown factor, but the performances of the two Swedish teams - as well as gr London Conspiracy* who face Fnatic tomorrow in the third place decider - has meant the second season of the joinDOTA MLG Pro League has had its unexpected plot twists just like its predecessor.

For LC even a top 4 finish will be much more than was expected of them, with the double elimination bo1 groupstage format playing to their strengths. They eliminated favourites us Evil Geniuses in style and could still finish with a bronze medal. Fnatic on the other hand stumbled but regardless of the third place decider match, will be remembered for their incredible comeback against Mousesports in the groupstage.

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