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With their backs to their throne Fnatic refused to give up in the elimination game with Mousesports, putting on an incredible finale for viewers in what guest commentator fr Sebastien 'Ceb' Debs called the "most insane fight I've seen in a long while". Fnatic's my Fadil Bin 'Kecik Imba' Mohd Raziff was pivotal in the turn-around turning his support Leshrac into an undertaker by the late game.
Mushi's confidence was legendary, diving head first with his Dragon Knight all game

Fnatic made mistakes early on, with weak responses to 4-5 man movements by Mousesports putting them far behind going into the mid-game. ca Tyler 'TC' Cook, a stand-in for Mouz following the departure of de Max 'Qojqva' Broecker really coming into his own and gelled with the team well.

Fnatic on the other hand were not as co-ordinated early on, and even before the match got underway fr Sebastien 'Ceb' Debs pointed out that Mousesports definitely had the more balanced draft. The draft, the early game and a lack of cohesion all signalled to viewers that Fnatic might start of their time in their new organisation with an early elimination, with the game looking like a fait accompli.

The Comeback by Fnatic (all-out war at 8 mins)

Fnatic's resilience and confidence in themselves somehow kept them in the game, and after being behind for more than half an hour they started to claw their way back forcing buy backs from Mousesports. They pushed through mid towards the dire base having been under fire for what seemed like an eternity and Mushi unleashed the Maverick blinking head first into Mousesports' base. A scrappy and thrilling fight ensued lasting several minutes and put even Tobi's lung capacity under intense pressure.

Bulba's Beastmaster was praised by the casters, but it was not enough to save Mousesports

Kecicimba's Leshrac was no longer a position 4 support but the instigator of Mousesport's downfall, and as they laid waste to Mousesports base and picked off any stragglers - which included Black's Invoker with Refresher - both casters and viewers were left flabbergasted at what they had witness. A never-say-die fighting spirit that brought back nostalgic memories of Mushi's Orange eSports at TI3. They were definitely near death's door, but Fnatic decided to give elimination the middle finger.

As a result Mousesports are the first team to be eliminated for the joinDOTA MLG Season 2 Championships, with the GSL-style format only allowing each team two defeats. With the departure of qojqva and a failure to qualify for TI5 qualifiers both fresh wounds for Mousesports, it will be a difficult month ahead for the team.

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