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Russian viewers will not be left stranded when the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 Championships at X-Games gets underway later today as CrystalMay is providing a Russian stream on! CrystalMay has been casting unofficially throughout the online stages, and with the finale near at hand, he'll be making sure our Russian viewers get a stream closer to home. [img align=center src=69037.jpg]The ticket comes with the Garments of the Devilish Conjurer set for Witch Doctor and a sick courier[/img]

CrystalMay has been around for a while, casting the online stages of ESL One Frankfurt last year with Maelstrom and LightofHeaven, the duo who went on to found Storm Studios, the Russian broadcaster for the D2CL Season V last month.

"As a co-caster for this LAN finals, I've invited the famous former Starladder commentator and ex-pro player Inmate," said CrystalMay. Inmate played professionally for Moscow5 in the past, and his experience should make sure the Russian viewers will get a good show.

"I've been casting for - a partner of joinDOTA, so when pingeee left I already had contact with Tobi, after that I made a video view of my career as a commentator using English and Maelk and company noticed me," said CrystalMay when asked how it all came about.

"After this I got an invite to cast MLG as joinDOTA's Russian caster which I'm very honoured and proud to cast for. It's really great opportunity to make the best product for the Russian community with these big selection of teams from around the world."

The 3-day event which includes us Evil Geniuses, eu Fnatic* (formerly Team Malaysia) and ru Virtus.Pro*, is being held at X-Games and is already underway.

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