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The biggest Dota 2 event in Europe will be upon us in less than a month's time. Last year's event in Frankfurt went according to plan, but the administration has still chosen to make some changes. The upcoming improved edition brings forth a new setup for the tournament. While the main event will look the same, there will be a new factor in play when it comes to how the match-ups will be worked out.

The organizers recognise that the arrangement used for the qualifiers where seeding determined the starting position of the different teams in the bracket was a great success. Therefore, a similar mechanic will be implemented into the main event. The eight participating teams will, before diving head first into the main matches, play through an online seeding bracket where their seed will be determined.

The initial placement of the contenders that decides what team they will be playing in the seeding bracket will be based off joinDOTA's team ranking two weeks before the seeding tourney starts. The highest ranking team at that time will be seeded first and so on. All games in the seeding bracket that begins June 4th, will be best of one and no team will be eliminated during the stage.

The teams that grabs the 1st through 3rd seeds will get the privilege of choosing their respective opponents from the teams that landed between 5th and 8th. The 4th team will ultimately face off against the team in the bunch that did not get picked. The team seeded 1st will get to commence the task of picking opponents, followed by the 2nd and 3rd team in that order. The happening will take place live at the ESL One studios in Frankfurt.

ESL One Frankfurt 2014

When every squad has got a rival to go head-to-head with, the main event can start and run its usual course. It will follow the format of best of three series up until the grand finals of the event that will be best of five. One thing's certain, the main event of ESL One Frankfurt 2015 will be fairer, filled more games and action, so be sure to prepare yourself for the many hours of exciting Dota to come. Let the hype begin!

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