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Mousesports, formerly known as Team Tinker, have been extremely active on the competitive circuit, with 16 competitive matches in the last 3 weeks. However, despite qualifying for the $400,000 i-League LAN finals in China, they have been forced to withdraw after encountering visa issues according to i-League organisers. There is a silver lining though, as victory over Summer's Rift on Friday secured a place at jD MLG Pro League Season 2 Championships.

On behalf of the mousesports organization and our players, it is with deep regret that we must announce our withdrawal from I-League this coming week. I-League have worked endlessly to help assure our arrival amidst a chaotic tournament landscape. They have been willing to go to extreme lengths to make our participation possible, and we thank them for everything they have done.

We were not able to seek our visas until completion of the Redbull LAN qualifying because we would have needed them to travel to California. This left us with a tight window to secure the needed visas and, unfortunately, we were unable to secure Qojqva’s in adequate time. Given the nearness to TI qualifiers, we felt traveling and competing with a standin and having no practice time as a team in the week leading up was not an option.

Thank you again to Leiting and everyone at I-League for all of their work and support throughout. We truly wish we could have made it to such a fantastic event.

Phillip Aram - Mousesports Manager (statement provided by i-League)

I-League infamously handed out bans for teams who withdrew from their Season 2 event, with C9, HR and VP all barred from competiting in the third season. The decision by Mousesports is extremely last minute with se Alliance already on their way to China to prepare for the event, but given their public appraisal of the organisers efforts to get them to the event, Mouz should be spared from the ban hammer should there be a fourth season.

To fill the spot I-League will organise a match between cn Invictus Gaming and cn Newbee.Young, who were the 3rd place finishers in groups A and B. The exact time of the decider match has not been confirmed, but according to an i-League admin it should take place on the 20th, which seems an odd decision given it is the same day the tournament starts.

BLack misses match versus his former team
The grid for the tournament is already public, and ironically Qojqva’s visa troubles means de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier will avoid playing his former team Vici Gaming, who should have been their first round opponents. Black^ has yet to play his former team as despite VG and Tinker both attending the Starladder XII LAN finals, they did not play each other.

Team Tinker will however, be participating in the jD MLG Pro League Season 2 Championships next month, with my Team Malaysia*, us Evil Geniuses, ru Team Empire, se Alliance and ru Virtus.Pro* all to be in attendance.

i-League participantsMousesport's withdrawal also means that there will only be 1 Western team at the event:

se Alliance
my Team Malaysia*
cn Vici Gaming
cn Energy Pacemaker*
cn Newbee
cn Vici Gaming Reborn*
cn Invictus Gaming or cn Newbee.Young (decider for Mouz replacement)

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