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Last year's champions cn Vici Gaming took on DAC winner's us Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket final of the Summit 3 in a series which further cemented Clockwerk and Bristle as the offlane-safelane combo of the competition. A swings and roundabouts kind of series for cn Xu 'Fy' Linsen's Bounty Hunter did force the third game, but it was a game that displayed just how fragile even the top teams can be.
VG were the champions last year at the Summit 2 when de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier was in the team (

Despite being statistically the two strongest teams in the world right now in terms of titles and records, EG and VG's encounter in the Summit 3 was erratic, with 3 very one-sided games. Although, it was for completely different reasons.

Bounty Hunter, a hero for all occasions

BH had mixed results in the series
The first two matches centred around the first-pick Bounty Hunter by Vici Gaming. Fy played the Bounty Hunter in game 1 and 2 but had completely different results.

In the opening game his 5-minute snipe of the flying courier with bottle and boots for pk Sumail 'SumaiL' Syed Hassan's mid TA had a big impact, but it was probably one of the only major contributions he had all game, with the hero soon becoming redundant with EG well prepared for any sneaky business.

On the rare occassions Fy did scout out an EG hero out in the open, such as 14 minutes in when he spied SumaiL's TA farming a stack of ancients near the dire secret shop, EG response-time was incredible. us Peter 'ppd' Dager last picked Treant - a clear counter-pick to the one-target draft of Vici Gaming which included a Bounty Hunter, a Beastmaster and a Storm Spirit - paid off ten-fold.

ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling was the clear MVP of the opening game, babysitting SumaiL following the courier snipe, as well as pulling off some crucial 2-3 man stuns as Lion, when their TA was being focused down. EG were a unit without a clear weakest link, and VG were ineffective in their plight to break it.

With VG's Bounty Hunter cashing in free gold for EG, often committing 2-3 players just to dispose of him in their jungle, it was one-way traffic. Most attempts to take down an EG player were in vain, with either Aui popping up to hex or stun, or PPD to heal or entangle. Two team wipes at 21 and 27 minutes for EG, led to the inevitable high-ground push and a 37-minute end to the opening game. Fy's Bounty Hunter ended the game with no kills but 11 deaths to his name, and the hero first-picked by VG was highly accountable for their defeat. "Bristle was useless, Bounty was useless," said SyndereN post-match. "it was a 3 vs 5 game to a certain extent."

Game 2 was a different story
However, VG are logical and not emotional, and instead of throwing BH in the reject pile they first-picked him again in the second game.

They also picked Undying, a hero sg Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang played to great effect in VG's matches in the D2CL Season V LAN finals last weekend. Both heroes had a brilliant time top lane along with Skywrath versus a rather strange dual lane of Lina and Bane by EG.

The tri-lane victory had a knock-on effect which would change the course of the game, with commentator us Alan 'RyuUboruZ' Andersen describing it post-game as "the crippling start" which EG could never come back from. SumaiL was lucky enough to get Tinker, a hero he is particularly known for, but continious ganks left him once again largely irrelevant in the grand scale of things.

Fy's Bounty Hunter which was the scape goat of the first game was now a star of the second, with a wealth of gold from track kills and posed a continious threat to EG's frail heroes which included a KotL as well as to SumaiL's presence in the mid-lane.

Vici Gaming cruised to victory in this second match, and although by 20 mins the game had slowed down and EG were trying to buy time for SumaiL, they never managed to do so and the game was over after without any real resistance from EG.

EG's masterclass seals the deal

SumaiL with PPD post-victory
Although, if EG's execution was visible in the first game, it was bleeding obvious in the third, as they clinically outplayed and outdrafted Vici Gaming. Noticable heroes EG let through the ban phase were Bounty Hunter and Broodmother, and VG took the chance to play the latter.

Compared to the first two games, the third was very calm and collected. It was even stevens for the early game: EG had the advantage mid and VG were winning bottom in terms of farm. The first kill did not come until the 8-minute mark when EG 4-man ganked iceiceice's Broodmother top-lane, but it was definitely all down hill from there.

The Broodmother which should dominate a lane, was left begging for scraps in EG's jungle, with some beautiful hookshots by us Saahil 'Universe' Arora's Clockwerk and Earth Spikes from Aui's Lion making him easy pickings. Meanwhile, the rest of VG failed to get into gear, and resorted to 4-5 man smoke ganks to try to get a foot in the game.

"From the beginning VG just look at a loss what to do strategically," said commentator us Ben 'Merlini' Wu during the match. "The first 10 minutes of the game just went terribly wrong for them." Team EG capitalised on the disarray in the VG ranks, working brilliantly as a team and being incredibly decisive with their movements and pick-offs. Of all the 3 games this was the heaviest defeat, and Vici Gaming will have no complaints after losing the third and final game after 29 minutes with only 2 kills to EG's 29. If the first game was down to the draft, the second to the lanes, then the third was certainly due to the execution.

PPD looked relieved after the win

The result means EG earned a rematch with Team Secret, the team who knocked them down into the lower bracket of the Summit 3 in the first place. However, for Vici Gaming they will have to settle for 3rd place at Summit 3, having come second in the D2CL Season V LAN finals last weekend behind Empire.

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