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Today The Summit 3 entered the final stage with four best teams battling for the spot in the Grand Finals. cn Vici Gaming looked invincible up until the 2nd game against eu Team Secret. Then the All-Star team decided to ban Bounty Hunter and the tables turn for Puppey's Chen. With se Ludwig 'zai' Wåhlberg bringing his A-game as well, Secret are now just one win from their second title. (Image: BeyondTheSummit) Can Secret raise another trophy today?

VG and Secret just on another level

The long awaited battle of the two Western giants took place in the first round of The Summit 3 playoffs as us Evil Geniuses took on Secret. The DAC Champions however, weren't able to stand up to the challenge and were defeated with relative ease by ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov and crew.

In the second round VG were matched up against LGD. Those two games weren't even remotely close as VG systematically executed their opponents. The Winners Bracket finals were shaping up to be the real clash of the titans as neither VG or Secret had dropped a single game in the tournament.

zai plays out of his mind, "makes the game easy for his team"

Secret will probably want the masses to forget the opening game, as all it took was a support VG Bounty Hunter to cause chaos in the ranks. Stalking Secret's jungle the Bounty Hunter made Puppey's life a living hell, and ruined his life in the jungle. With Puppey having no impact and Kuroky also not being able to pressure Chinese cores at all --- VG farmed uncontested, and as a result they eventually just butchered Secret.

BTS have been including a lot of cool videos to their broadcast. Fwosh's song being one of the highlights of Day 4.

In the second and third game se Gustav 's4' Magnusson kept picking Chen for Puppey but, banned Bounty Hunter in the first phase. This turned out to be the way to secure their jungle and the key to success. Additionally, zai, who has been on point the whole tournament, stepped up his game even more on his signature heroes Dark Seer and Clockwerk. He played so well to the point that LD exclaimed that "he makes the game easy for his team".

With their jungle and early game secured it was Secret's time to shine. Now they were in the driving seat against their opponents. On the back of zai's multiple pickoffs, and beautiful team fight control, they managed to take the series 2-1 and claimed a spot in the Grand Finals.

Will the Losers Bracket Kings come back?

Looking at how the tournament has progressed one might say that we should expect a VG vs Secret rematch in the Grand finals. However, we have to remember that Losers Bracket Kings Evil Geniuses are still in contention, and EG came back from the lower bracket in DAC to win the event.

The Americans are known to be arguably the best team at adapting and learning from their mistakes as the tournament goes on. They have beaten LGD and will now face VG to fight for the second spot in the Grand Finals. They didn't look as strong as the Chinese team but, they definitely are a threat.

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