MPGL finalises bracket with Team Underminer securing final spot

posted by guardiangel07,
my Team Test* will replace my Team Malaysia* at the upcoming MPGL Season 7 LAN finals after defeating my Invasion eSports* in a wildcard decider. TM originally pulled out of the event earlier this week, citing a scheduling conflict with Redbull Battlegrounds, which prompted a BO3 series to decide a replacement for the squad.

In a post-match interview Underminer’s captian, my Ng Chun 'ck'' Keat commented that the team were grateful to be given a second chance to prove themselves.

"We know who will be participating as well so we prepared as much as possible and will take every match seriously since they are in BO1s and there is always a risk of getting upset by underdogs," he said.

The series itself saw Underminer get off to an encouraging start, gaining control of the game early on and snowballing thereafter to claim a 1-0 lead in the series.

However, game two was not as easy. After losing the laning phase, Underminer were backed into a corner, but after a few tide-changing fights the balance tipped over into their favour and they managed to close out the game, taking the series 2-0.

MPGL announced the brackets for the LAN finals earlier this week, they will see UDMN face-off against cn Energy Pacemaker* and ph TNC Predator in group C.

The other groups include the likes of my Mineski, sg 5eva*, my G-Guard* and kr MVP HOT6*, who will all fight for their share of the $50,000 prizepool in Malaysia early next month.

The tournament will be the first time SEA teams compete on LAN in the new patch.

You can view the full bracket here.