VG.iceiceice: "I'm surprised, I didn’t know how bad the other teams were"

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Vici Gaming's sg Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang shared his thoughts in a short interview by Fragbite at the Starladder XII LAN on the competition at the event, and admitted he was "disappointed" by how the other teams were playing. The Singaporean also commented that Hao was a better fit as a carry player than former VG-carry de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier and suited the team's playstyle better than his predecessor.'s interview with iceiceice of Vici Gaming

Eight teams attended the event, with iG and VG the only Chinese teams, but both made it to the Grand Finals with relative ease. "I'm surprised actually, because I didn't know how bad the other teams were," said iceiceice in the interview with "I'm actually disappointed that they are playing that bad ...) I don't think any of the teams came to this tournament prepared. The westerners have their own metagaming now which is not really good I think."

Iceiceice also mentioned the "comeback mechanics" which is now often referred to by commentators and also players as the "rubber-band mechanic". The mechanic creates a handicap based on a team's performance in relation to their peers.

Such a feature is very common in other gaming titles, even in casual racing games (remember that time you were behind in CTR or Mario Kart and you got the invincibility power up?), as it allows the game to be closer and more competitive, giving players hope that there is still a chance for a comeback. Examples of this in Dota 2 are the bounty gold for killing a player on the leading team and the huge experience boost for doing so, as well as the sharing of experience and gold amongst allies in the vicinity.

However, the VG player put down the Western team defeats to a kind of obsession with the mechanic. "The comeback mechanics doesn't affect the game at all," said iceiceice. "I think people are putting too much thought into it."

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