V1lat predicts "The extinction of Dota 2" could happen as early as next year

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During a recent interview with V1lat at Major All Stars, the question of "Where are tournament Dota and tournaments heading to" came up, leading to him addressing key issues for the professional Dota 2 scene, believing that some tournaments have become superficial and decorative. V1lat looked forlorn when he said that any Tom Dick or Harry can organise a event now and also made light of his distaste of the Dota Pit and DotaCinema system. V1lat predicts Dota 2 will be demolished if the landscape stays the same

In the interview, V1lat stated that Dota 2 is "seriously falling behind behind Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Hearthstone" and a result Dota 2 will be demolished. V1lat continued hitting out at online tournaments with online finals believing that anyone willing can announce a tournament, collect money and find a Workshop artist in order to make a profit, with most of it going towards the artists.

Mass online tournaments with items puts "danger on LAN events"
He pointed out that both the Summit and Starladder both pay up to $100,000 on their LAN finals, and as a result "gain no profit, or even sometimes lose money." With these high costs, he tells us of "a couple of organisations" planning to conduct only online tournaments, and Dota will become a mass of online tournaments with items. This then dangers LAN events, which in turn will become pointless, as it will become a "pointless waste of money, that can be saved otherwise."

So what should be done? In the interview V1lat states that "Valve should regulate the market." He gave the example of Valve distinguishing major LAN tournaments like tournaments with a starting prizepool of $100,000 and stadiums with at least 3000 capacity, and only then can the the tournament be worthy of a compendium or a bundle. Tournaments that do not meet these requirements "shouldn't get cool sets."

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