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As we envisioned the form of some of the qualified teams proved too hot to handle for our list of invites, with ru Vega Squadron * and ru Moscow Five* two of the first round casualties in the EIZO Cup #15. However, what we did not expect is a mysterious new team to wipe the floor with the invitees and secure the 1,500 EUR prize.

ru Immortal Mode On* are a mystery, with only ru Artem 'Sharfik' Marzavin having some street-cred for his time in ru rox.KIS* and ru zRage*. However, they certainly made a name for themselves yesterday, eliminating the reigning champions Vega and then disposing of dk FlipSid3 Tactics*. After IMO got so far ahead versus Flipsid3 co-commentator Ryuuu said "Flipsid3 just need to throw in the towel, it's just not fun to watch, it's just mean and cruel."

EIZO Cup #15 semi-final: IMO versus FLipsid3

The other finalist se Spin to Win* also had an incredible run to get there, with the mix of Swedes and Danes getting the better of ru Moscow Five* and gr London Conspiracy* to reach the Grand Finals.

Final Standings
ru Immortal Mode On - 1,500 EUR
dk Spin to Win - 500 EUR

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