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EIZO Cup #15 should prove to be quite the spectacle, with the runner-up last time around eu Basically Unknown* qualifying for the main event in which they could meet the reigning champion ru Vega Squadron * in the semi-finals. FlipSid3 and Moscow5 will also feature as well everybody's favourite Swedes, 4 Friends + Chrillee.

The most enticing quarter-final should be Unknown versus dk FlipSid3 Tactics*, with the Danes hopefully fired up after their first matches as a sponsored team in ESL One Frankfurt and the HitBox Dota EU Championship ended in defeat. What is more the prospect of se 4 Friends + Chrillee* versus the rising gr London Conspiracy* is also a tempting match-up.

Despite the calibre and reputation of the participating teams in the last few months, over the course of the last 2 weeks many of the teams have endured heavy defeats, meaning this could prove to be a particularly good tournament for 4FC, should they get pass London Conspiracy. As per usual the playoffs are best-of-1, excluding the grand final which is best-of-3. The winner is awarded 1,500 EUR, with 500 EUR for the runner-up.

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