Ninjas impress in Kiev

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After the first two elimination matches, the time has come for the winners bracket encounters to be played at the StarLadder XI LAN finals. The first Bo3 saw the home favourites ua Natus Vincere against ru Team Empire while, in the second match ru ASUS.Polar (renamed VP Polar) took on the rising force in European Dota - se Ninjas in Pyjamas.
Ninjas in Pyjamas

NaVi vs EmpireAfter convincing performance in their games against ru Hell Raisers many NaVi fans had faith that the Ukrainian squad is starting to find it's form and will yet again dominate on their home soil. However, those dreams got crushed by Empire who won both games around the 30 minute mark in very convincing fashion. On the back of impressive plays by ru Airat "Silent" Gaziev they carried it home, with Silent finishing with the impressive score of 11-0-7 on his Juggernaut!

ASUS.Plr vs NiPAfter pushing DAC qualifier finalist down into the lower bracket NiP faced off against ASUS.Plr. The still new and unproven Swedish team was considered by many as the underdog. However, that point of view had to be quickly changed as NiP assorted dominance over Fng and crew. With impressive team fight performances and a shining plays by se Jonas "jonassomfan" Lindholm on Slardar and se Adrian "Era" Kryeziu on Lycan they managed to completely overtake the second game.

Upcoming daysWe have two more days left in the StarLadder XI finals. Tomorrow there will be four matches coming up, leaving only two for Sunday, however one of them will be the Bo5 grand final!

17th of January
09:00 - ASUS.Plr vs FIRE
12:30 - NaVi vs MVP Ph.
16:00 - LB Small Final
19:30 - Empire vs NiP
18th of January
13:00 - LB Final
17:00 - Grand Final, bo5, 1:0 for WB

Who will win StarLadder XI?

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