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After the success of Austin "TheCapitalist" Walsh, joinDOTA will once again be expanding its English commentary team, this time by adding British commentator Gareth "durka" Bateson! The Brit has already moved to Berlin, and will be working as a full-time caster starting for this week, hoping to "bring more of an analytical casting style to joinDOTA".

Durka has been a long-time affiliate with joinDOTA, often appearing as a co-commentator on the official streams over the last two years, and recently casted alongside TobiWan on LAN at the IESF 6th World Championship in November last year. He made a name for himself in his booming domestic Dota 2 scene after commentating alongside PyrionFlax and JoeShow at Multiplay events from 2013-2014, and of course was the main caster for ESL's events in the United Kingdom.

Toby "TobiWan" Dawson's thoughts on our new addition:

We didn't just want anyone, our search was for people with a lot of potential and a drive to match it. Today I am happy to say we have found one of these people in Gareth. I have had the pleasure of not only casting the IESF Lan with him but also several online series. This is just one of our steps forward to making sure joinDOTA brings you more on camera talent with a higher quality of content. Welcome to the team durka!

Gareth "durka" Bateson had this to say about the big move:

I’m really happy to finally be able to tell people what I’m doing and where I’m going! It has been a long journey but achieving this dream has been an amazing process. For the past year and a half I’ve been predominantly casting events for British organisations and helping the UK Dota scene grow as much as possible as well as working full time in logistics.

Now I’ve been given an opportunity by Freaks 4U Gaming to focus my full attention on casting Dota 2 and creating quality entertainment. I’ll be helping Austin and Toby by casting things they aren’t able to, co-casting with them as well as creating and producing some new content we’re working on. I’ve known Toby and Austin for quite some time and have worked with them before but I still can’t wait to get started in the studios here in Berlin. This year should be awesome with the effort that’s being put in and the content we’ll be putting out.

I’d just like to end with a huge thanks to Michael, Jan, Tobi, Austin and Jacob at F4U for the warm welcome and truly spectacular logistical talent moving me to Berlin, as well as everyone who has supported me. Big shoutout to the UKDota memelords!

You can see durka in action extremely soon, as he will be joining TobiWan, Capitalist and Soe in a special stream on the MLG channel tomorrow, our first major broadcast of 2015! More details about the special stream will be posted in the very near future.

This article was written by uk Lawrence Phillips, joinDOTA's Editor-in-Chief.Malystryx has been in eSports since 2004 working as eSports Editor for Razer and was Editor-in-Chief of SK Gaming in its glory days. He misses the days of Warcraft3 but makes do with the world of DOTA 2, although he recently got mesmerised by Hearthstone. Location: Bristol, UKFollow him on @MalystryxGDS.