DD claims D2E Challenge

posted by Mantis.,

What has been a long journey so far, has finally concluded with dk DD winning the first ever D2E Challenge showing impressive performance throughout the event.
DD was one of the big favourites in the tournament, going undefeated throughout the group-stages. The Danes then proceeded onto the playoffs and edged out both the Swedish teams, se eXperience and se Infused, eventually emerging as the winners.

On the other hand, Infused also showed some strong performance throughout the course of the play-offs by overcoming kz Next.kz, although losing out to the danish squad in the finals and settling for the second place.

A statement from dk Brian [B]'MaNia-'[/B] Strandby regarding his team's maiden title:

I am really happy about taking our first title as a team, it makes me believe even more in my new teammates. Hopefully we will keep our momentum and try get good rankings in both premier league and the defense. We started out with being down 0-1 which sometimes can make teams bit frustrated, but we just tried keep the morale high and go into the next game with a clean slate and I felt the next 2 games were won pretty convincingly. I give massive props to Infused for agreeing to forfeit. They are a really great team.

The third place decider was held between xP and Next.kz where the latter emerged victorious and the former had to settle for the last prize.

With that being said, the final four are already winners as none of them return empty handed.


Champion: DD (1000 €)
Runner-up: Infused (500 €)
2nd Runner-up: Next.kz (300 €)
4th place: eXperience (200 €)