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As more and more information are being revealed about Dota 2 Asia Championship it appears that the tournament may very well rise to the most important event beside The International. The prize pool of this competition has already been doubled by the community and it is over $500 000!

When we informed you over two weeks ago about a new tournament not much was revealed but the list of six invited teams suggested it will be a tier 1 event. Today we know much more as two more teams have been invited, the information about qualifiers has been revealed and the prize pool has been announced. Now we can definitely say it will be a huge event.

Invited teamsA total of eight teams have been invited directly with world Team Secret and kr Rave joining previously announced contenders. With this announcement a secret about the western reshuffle has gotten out as the lineups of the teams were also revealed. You can read more about it here.

List of invited teamsworld Team Secret
kr Rave
cn invictus Gaming
cn LGD
cn Vici Gaming
cn NewBee
kr MVP.Phoenix
us Evil Geniuses

QualifiersEight invited teams will be joined by another eight qualifiers to compete in this tournament. The qualifiers have been divided into three regions with America having four teams, Europe eight and Asia sixteen. Only the winners of American and EU qualifiers will advance to the LAN finals while top4 squads from Asian will join them. The 5th and 6th place finisher from Asian qualifiers will compete in Wild Card matches against the first and second place of DSPL and they will complete eight qualified teams.

American Qualifiersworld Cloud 9
us Team FIRE
us compLexity Gaming
us Team eHug

European Qualifiersua Natus Vincere
ru Virtus.Pro
ru Virtus.Pro Polar
ru Team Empire
world Team Tinker
se Alliance
ru HellRaisers
by Power Rangers

Asian Qualifierscn CDEC
cn HyperGloryTeam
cn LaiG
cn Team DK
cn Ehome
cn TongFu
cn SpeedGaming
cn IMG
cn DG
cn BG
my G-Guard Esports
th MiTH
my Invasion e-Sports
ph Mineski
vn Aces Gaming
my Team KS

Prize poolThe base prize pool of the tournament was $250 000 and it already has been increased to over $536 500! As usual there are stretch goals in the compendium set for the community to reach. For now they are going up to $1 250 000 and it is a Dota 2 concert held by Perfect World! You can follow the progress here.

Will this be the first tournament outside TI to reach over $1 000 000 prize pool?

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