The Defense: Update

posted by Mantis.,

The Defense, already in its second group stage, has witnessed some spectacular performances so far. We have quite a number of matches that have been played during this course of time.

In Group one, we have dk SK-Gaming leading the group so far with a clean score of 3-0. Following them are the German teams, de PANZER and de J4T, who both lost their matches against SK-Gaming yesterday followed by the French team fr Western Wolves with a score of 1-0. Trailing the group are au Absolute Legends who have conceded their first game and se mTw with a score of 0-2.

In Group Two, we witnessed some amazing matches, notably between eu EG and ua Na'Vi where EG triumphed over Na'Vi and also grabbed the top spot with a score of 3-0. However, Na'Vi came back strongly against fi Problem??? by handing the Fins a defeat under 22 minutes and thus taking the second spot. In the third place we have ro Team Dignitas followed by rs Fnatic in fourth place. de Mousesports and Problem??? are currently at the bottom of the group having lost all their matches.

The Defense will resume on the 26th of January with the opening match to be held between Na'Vi and Fnatic.

Make sure you tune in to the live broadcast of the Na'Vi versus Fnatic match available here when the time comes. Also don't forget to place your cheese on the winning team here.