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MLG are partnering up with joinDOTA for 2015 to create what we hope to be the largest Dota 2 League in the world. The joinDOTA League circuit, in partnership with MLG, will include three entire seasons, each featuring a LAN final, before culminating in an epic World Championship event. The total prize pool is a guaranteed $475,000 with $90,000 in travel support.

joinDOTA League will be taking the next step in its evolution as MLG and joinDOTA invite the top teams from around the world to join Division 1. All the teams in jDL Division 1 from last season will have a chance to stay and compete for a spot at the season finals.

MLG and joinDOTA will also be working on incorporating MLG Pro Points into the current joinDOTA League system, which will allow teams from across the board the chance to earn points which will contribute to qualification for the World Championships. More details on the qualifying tournaments and the MLG Pro Points system will be released in the near future.

us Adam Apicella, EVP of MLG Properties, had the following to say about the huge announcement:

We’re excited to be working with the Dota 2 community, and couldn’t have found a better partner than the team over at joinDOTA. Last year we designed our tournament in accordance with what the fans and competitors wanted to see, and we’ll continue to honor that approach with the upcoming league.

Meanwhile, dk Jacob Toft-Andersen, Project Manager at joinDOTA had this to say:

We have always wanted to create something big with MLG and it doesn't get much bigger than this. By linking joinDOTA League together with MLG we can create consistent LAN finals with a big grand event the scene can be proud of.

If you have never been part of the joinDOTA League or decided to give it a miss last season, this would be a good time to consider getting your team back together.

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