posted by ReiNNNN,

After a quick survey with participating teams and other experienced leaders of the Dota community, [B]The Defense[/B] has decided to go with the tournament version rather than the new version which may prove buggy and overpowered.
This matter came to attention when a couple of teams approached The Defense's tournament head admin, de Dennis [B]'HolyMaster'[/B] Schumacher that the tournament should continue on with the older version as most competitive teams are still unfamiliar with the biggest patch of Dota 2. Though it may be more exciting to watch, it is certainly no fun for the players to be playing the new version.

Statement from de Dennis [B]'HolyMaster'[/B] Schumacher:

When we decided about the Dota 2 version yesterday, it was based on the feedback of a few participants (other had not responded about that topic yet) and our own opinions, especially mine. Now, one day later, we have received a lot more feedback and some teams were happy with this decision while majority prefers to stick to the stable version for some time. This has various understandable reasons:
- We don't know about the possible bugs yet
- The balance is too unknown. Wins might more rely on discovering imbalances than on actual skill
- Teams don't want to train different versions for different tournaments
- The changes are so huge that they might affect the results of the whole competition

It was a really hard decision to be made, but I revoke yesterday's announcement. The Defense will continue to use the official tournament version of Dota 2. I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to see the new versions with all of its changes in action. Keep in mind that new heroes will be added to the game (and one patch later to Captains Mode) every week nevertheless - you will still see new things on a regular basis.

I hope everyone will enjoy the second stage of the tournament!

Therefore, the tournament will now proceed using the tournament version until further notice. The Defense second groupstage will begin with au [B]Natural 9[/B] versus [B]SK-Gaming[/B] at 18:30 CET today followed by the tiebreaker game between eu [B]EPIDEMIC[/B] (formerly known as SGC) and de [B]Just 4 the Tournament[/B] at 20:00 CET.

You can catch our livestream featuring au Toby [B]'Tobi Wan'[/B] Dawson here at the scheduled time.