xP replaces 10k in Premier League

posted by Mantis.,

Due to roster problems, 10.000th will be replaced by greatly underrated team se eXperience, led by famous old school DotA player, se Jonathan [B]'Loda'[/B] Berg in The Premier League. The tournament is the first tournament which has invited the well deserved Swedish team after they gave several top teams a run for their money coming from the qualifiers.
As a result of this chaos, ro Team Dignitas will be reliving their game from the first playday but this time, against xP. This game will be hosted on the 14th of January where Dignitas will also play against the roster troubled World Elite prior to the game.

The only person unaffected from all these changes is Miracle- where he is also playing for xP and is only standing in for 10,000th.

xP is the third team to fill in for one of the ten invited teams after Dignitas and Evil Geniuses who earlier replaced LGD and DK respectively.

Playday 1
ua Na'Vi
rs Fnatic
us Evil Geniuses
dk SK-Gaming
cn World Elite
my Meet Your Makers
ph Mineski
cn Nirvana.cn
ro Team Dignitas
se eXperience
[/B]Playday 2
Time (CET)
11/01 16:00my MYM (1-1) dk SK 14/01 14:00ro Dignitas vs. cn WE 14/01 16:00ro Dignitas vs. se xP 15/01 14:00us EG vs. cn Nirvana.cn 15/01 16:00ua Na'Vi vs. rs Fnatic 16/01 16:00ph Mineski vs. se xP

Sources: Premier League Facebook