Team Secret withdraw from D2L

posted by Matthew Elmas,
D2L has announced earlier today that eu Team Secret will withdraw from D2L, citing schedule conflicts as the main reason for their departure from the tournament. In response D2L has moved to replace them with us Sneaky Nyx Assassins who will now play us Na'Vi.US tonight at 18:00 CET.

Tournament administrator us Aaron ’ayesee’ Chambers expressed disappointment at the loss of the European powerhouse, but stipulated that D2L understands the decision given the busy nature of the current Dota scene. To mark their debut in the event SNA will play two games tomorrow, one versus Navi.US at 18:00CET and then later versus ru Team Empire at 21:00 CET.

Statement from D2L admin Aaron ’ayesee’ Chambers:

"We have unfortunate news, as we've this week been informed that due to conflicts with schedules and other obligations, Team Secret wished to withdraw from the D2L. This is a very disappointing loss, as Secret has become one of the most popular teams in the West, and recent performances indicate they're one of the best. However, with the Dota scene being as busy as it is, we understand that sometimes things get in the way, so we wish Secret the best of luck in other tournaments.To replace them, we've been able to work out a plan for Sneaky Nyx Assassins (SNA) to take on their schedule and begin playing tomorrow. Those matches can be found below. We're sorry for any inconvenience and/or disappointment, and can only hope we're able to avoid any more similar situations this season, and certainly moving ahead to the future."

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