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Just a couple of days agon, joinDOTA's very own joinDOTA League S3 finished, with some surprising results. Do you want to know who managed to take home the glory or has fallen down into the second Division? Check it out!

jDL Europe

The european division was very close the entire time, with all teams only three points apart. The, according to their points, "worst" teams in the playoffs, se Team Coast and kz were sitting at 12 and 13 wins respectively, with by Power Rangers, the first in the group only having 15.

An upset came in the playoffs, as marched right through Team Coast and eu sQreen's squad to place in the final. Motivated by their recent victories, went into their games against the Power Rangers. Unable to stop xGame's lategame orientated drafts early enough, Power Rangers fell short in the end.

xGame is the European jDL champion!

jDL Asia

Despite being not as close as the European division, the top Asian teams appeared to be quite close together in skill. the first placed team, my Titan only managed to get two wins ahead of follow up sg First Departure.

Opposing to the European division however, the playoffs were rather onesided, with sg insidious idol beating my Invasion E-Sports 2-0, to lose against First Departure in the semifinal. The end result was utterly disappointing, as First Departure forfeited the final game, giving Titan a 2-0 defwin.

Titan is the Asian jDL champion!

jDL America

The American division had some issues prior to the playoffs, when the us Sneaky Nyx Assassins forfeited all of their matches, allowing the Peruvian squads pe Not Today and pe Union Gaming to take the lead.

In the quarter final, br The House is down proved to be more than a worthy opponent for us Tengen, eventually beatng them 2-1, however losing to Union Gaming in the next round.
In the end it was Not Today who prevailed, however doing so against the resistance of Union Gaming, as they managed to force the series to its full three games.

Not Today is the American jDL champion!

joinDOTA League S4

The third season of the jDL is over, however the fourth season has just started! If you want to know who will prevail this season and who might fear elimination from the first division then go purchase the DotaTV ingame ticket!

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This article was written by de Markus Fischer, joinDOTA's Senior Writer. Vekus started to follow Dota rather late, as he joined the community in 2012. From then on he tried to get a job in Esports and found it later at joinDOTA. Reallife is mostly spend at university trying to understand physics and running. Avid wearer of Bandanas.Location: Chemnitz, GermanyFollow him on @VekusDota.