DK and LGD leaves Premier League

posted by Tezzeret,

Fan favorites, cn DK and cn LGD from China have decided to pull out of The Premier League just before it starts. ro Dignitas and us EG will take their place respectively.
Both teams have decided to pull out of the tournament due to preparations for G-League finals as well as both teams' player taking a month off for Chinese New Year. Luckily there are replacements to be found in the form of team Dignitas and Evil Geniuses.

Dignitas will play their first game of The Premier League against eu 10,000th while Evil Geniuses will play dk SK-gaming.

Teams participating:
1. dk [B]SK[/B]
2. ua [B]NaVi[/B]
3. us [B]EG[/B]
4. ro [B]Dignitas[/B]
5. eu [B]10.000th[/B]
6. cn [B]WE[/B]
7. cn [B]Nirvana.MSI[/B]
8. ph [B]Mineski[/B]
9. my [B]MYM[/B]
10. rs [B]Fnatic[/B]