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GD Studio have announced on stream that they will take over the management of what is left of Dreamleague Season 2 following heavy criticism of the organisation and the running of the league. The move will mean a transition from the previous method of management, which was largely influenced by DreamHack, with input from GD Studio's James "2GD" Harding, to being managed by 2GD and other GD Studio personalities.

2GD and Bruno will have a much larger role in the running of Dreamleague

The Announcement came following a week that has seen a lot of controversy surrounding Dreamleague in regards to management personnel of the organisation and outcry from various teams complaining of poor scheduling and rules regarding standins. Earlier this week, an odd and cryptic outburst on Twitter from Robert Ohlén signalled his removal from the position of CEO and replacement by Marcus Lindmark who has been with DreamHack since 2007. This was part of a large 'internal re-organisation' of DreamHack, who seem to have left DreamLeague in the hands of the GD Studio in hope of regaining some faith from the community.

The reveal of their plans on Twitch this evening saw a rather humorous spin on events, with infamously bombastic personality James "2GD" Harding firing himself on stream and reallocating himself role of Project Manager, meaning he will step away from the casting spot and possibly the camera as a whole, and take a more management focused role. To fill his shoes will be ex-Pro player and popular Twitch streamer Wagamama who will join Andy "Draskyl" Stiles and David "Luminous" Zhang.

[color=gold]Bruno giving his take on the situation - Courtesy of @StatsmanBruno

It is currently not known whether this will leave GD Studio in charge of future Dreamleague competitions, but we do know they will take control of the remainder of Season 2, Phases 2 and 3, which are both offline. This was quite a controversial move by Dreamleague to expect teams to dedicate so much time to their tournament in a LAN capacity, but the fact that community-favourite personality Bruno Carlucci is said to be playing a large part in the hospitality of these events will likely sweeten the story for many involved.