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Arrow Gaming have found their organisation now banned for life from the Synergy Cup after the administration were led to believe the evidence provided had been faked. DDZ had been labelled one of the culprits in Arrow's bizarre defeat to CSW, but along with Lance, was told that amnesty was possible if they issued a public apology.
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Arrow Gaming were removed from the Summit2 and disqualified from the current Synergy League after evidence of match-fixing was discovered just over 24 hours ago. However, DDZ of Arrow Gaming posted on Reddit several hours ago his side of the story, claiming his innocence and stated that "I would like to stress that I have never bet against my own team or have any intention to do so. All the competition games I have played so far, I have tried my very best to win them."

The match in question was Arrow Gaming's match versus au Can’t Say Wips, in which Arrow allegedly placed a number of bets through proxies close to the team. Former GosuGamers editor PacificRen was one of the individuals to unmask the so-called conspiracy, linking the highly suspicious bets of an individual called Vallejos with the Arrow team.

However, DDZ denied any connection to the individual. "I just want to ask, does PacificRen has any hard evidence proving Vallejos is related to me? Has anyone checked his trade history? Are the 6 accounts belong to me? Everything was purely speculation and assumption that he knows me and I am profiting from his huge bets. Honestly, I have never heard of his name. In fact, I strongly deny my involvement in this."

Both Lance and DDZ's girlfriends also played a part in the fiasco, as both had betted against Arrow Gaming in the match in question, bets which were later discovered to be rather suspect. "Another question I would like to raise, there are no rules stating players’ gf isn’t allowed to bet. Alright, if you are saying the girlfriends are closely related to the players and there might be a conflict of interest/insider info leaked out," said DDZ on his Reddit thread.

The end of game scoreboard, Arrow lose 45-17 on kills ( VOD) - click to enlarge.

He went onto say: "Personally, my team's issue is totally different from the matchfixing between MSI and Mineski. For that case, there was clear evidence with supporting chat messages that Vallejos had direct contact with their players. For our case, we have no idea who this guy is and I think it's unfair for PacificRen to implicate and associate our case with theirs."

Synergy League believe evidence is "FAKE"For the most part his argument had seemed relatively sound but the cracks began to show on closer inspection of the screenshots he later on provided as evidence. Oleg Skobeliev, the Community Manager of Synergy League, made an official post an hour ago which included the following reasons why they believe the evidence provided was faked.

1) As first thing i must say that Hishiko (Lance's gf) in her statement told us that she was betting versus arrow and for arrow with independent scheme. But here is the interesting thing. Mostly all bets for Arrow (where arrow was in favor) were really cheap, but when we look at other bets, where Arrow lost with a huge advantage - we can see that bets are really huge. (...)
2) (...)Take a look at timestamps. The match was played 7 PM / 19:00 MYT (which is 13 CEST) while screenshot's time is 9:31 PM. The Description says that those screenshots were made BEFORE the match, which is completely untrue. To prevent talks about steam's timestamps - the window is scrolled almost to the bottom. Also we all know that steam will blur your messages if you close window. As we all know - Arrow has no bootcamp so they played their matches from a netcafe. So it's 100% sur that players have been changing pc's for steam games. There is no way that messages could be active until now - they are FAKE.
2.1) Take a look at fonts - they don't match with original FB and Steam fonts. FAKE ()
2.2) The chat was pasted past the timestamp area amd the little square icon showing if the chats were sent from pc/mobile were cut off by the pasted timestamps (c).

Oleg Skobeliev, the Community Manager of Synergy League (link)

As a result the Synergy League have added further sanctions onto Arrow Gaming. "We received new portion of fake screenshots and fake statement. Now it's 100% true that Arrow's management are involved in this situation. (...) Due to their stubbornness and unwillingness to admit to their faults, and instead choosing to cover up their mistakes by faking evidence (which could be a crime in itself) We will not just give lifetime ban for those two players but for the organization itself."

Given the evidence, who do you think is telling the truth?

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