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One week before The Starseries X LAN Finals both Chinese teams decided to pull out from the event. VG cited "political situation" as one of the causes, whilst Newbee blames the loss of passports. As a result 5th and 6th place from European division will replace them. Statements from both teams and StarLadder organisers inside.

After the organizational errors at the WEC and the server troubles at ESL NY it would be great to report that the upcoming Starseries X looked to be problem-free. Sadly however cn Vici Gaming and cn NewBee, the TI4 finalists, have both had to pull out of the tournament. It seems a range of issues have plauged the teams, with Starladder stating: management statement:
Over the last month, we spent a lot of time on consultation with the winners of the Chinese division and with other teams, but a number of factors did not allow us to gather all the finalists of season 10 in Kiev. Unfortunately team NewBee and Vici Gaming will not be able to take part in the season finale. Their places will be taken Cloud9 team and Virtus.Pro. we are sympathetic to the position of the teams and for its part we will ensure that in the next season, we will consider all factors and risks faced by the team.

VG's problems stemmed from how swiftly the tournament followed ESL NY, and the strain multiple international tournaments could put on the players:
Vici Gaming statement:
Due to lack of time to prepare for a visa after ESL, as well as due to the unstable political situation in Ukraine, taking care of the health and safety of the players, after much discussion, it was decided to give up on our slot in the tenth season of SLTV. We apologize to the organizers for the inconvenience and we apologize to all the fans and sponsors. Hopefully, you will understand our position.

While NB seem to be struggling with the same kind of Visa and Passport issues which almost prevented cn CIS from attending TI4.
NewBee statement:
Some of the players Newbee lost their passports, there is a lack of time for their recovery and visa. Because of then abandoning our slot in SL10 finals was our only option. We apologize to the fans and sponsors, the future will show NewBee's flawless game in order to regain the trust of fans and be forgiven.

All is not lost though Dota-Fans! world Cloud 9 and ru Virtus.Pro who placed 5th and 6th in EU division will replace VG and NB. They will join world Team Tinker, eu Team Secret, se Alliance, ua Natus Vincere, us Evil Geniuses and ph Execration from the 23rd to the 26th of October.