Team DK takes NewBee's place in HyperX D2L

posted by Meliora.Infinitum,
cn Team DK has now officially replaced cn NewBee in the HyperX D2L Season 5 after a dramatic no-show from the Chinese juggernaut in their yesterdays’ match-up against cn HGT. While NewBee had originally confirmed their participation in the tournament, they have ultimately decided to fold their spot due to problems with scheduling.

Image courtesy of D2L

After failing to show up for their scheduled match-up yesterday against cn HGT, the administration of the HyperX D2L contacted ACE in an effort to find out what had happened to a team that had originally confirmed their participation in the tournament. What they quickly found out was that cn NewBee would be dropping out of the tournament due to time constraints and various scheduling problems leaving the whole Eastern division down one team. In just about a days’ time and in coordination with ACE, they were able to find a suitable replacement in cn Team DK, who will now take over NewBee’s place in the Season 5 of the HyperX D2L.

The match-up against cn HGT that had to be cancelled due to the no-show from cn NewBee, will be replayed later on with HGT starting the series with a 1-0 advantage. All parties including cn Team DK and HGT agreed to this subtle change to compensate the switch in teams. It is not the first time that a team has had to forfeit their place in a tournament due to scheduling issues, but this time around the administration of the D2L was lucky enough to find quick a replacement and a larger delay was avoided.

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