Era and Trixi top Synergy Cup

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Two of the new squads formed by ex-Fnatic members se Adrian 'Era' Kryeziu and fi Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen find themselves top of their groups, as fi 4ASC and se Lajons both string together some impressive performances. So far we've seen surprises in the standings, as well as shock performances from some lesser-known teams. Full standings and round-up inside. After just about two weeks of play the Synergy League standings are not exactly how one might expect. While it was understandable that the former Tier 1 talents of Era and Trixi would carry their respective teams to success, a brilliant run of games for Lajons and 4ASC beating out top teams like ru Team Empire was perhaps above what was expected.

Teams of one nationality have certainly worked in those cases, but fr Sebastien '7ckngMad' Deb's recently-formed all-French squad fr Denial E-Sports has had less success. They find themselves with a 1-4 record, their only win coming against equally troubled ru HellRaisers, who sit at the bottom of the pack, without a win and 3 losses.

Era and Trixi (both right) with Fnatic pre-TI4. Image courtesy of Dotatalk

In Group B, the teams at the bottom should perhaps be a bit more shocked to find themselves there. The group is full of established Tier 2 talent, with the host of European teams being joined by America's us compLexity Gaming. The bottom 3 teams are all full of players a lot more experienced with the game than their American rivals, with by Power Rangers and kz xGame both being in the scene for a long while, and ru Moscow Five boasting a lot of rusty talent who are returning to the DOTA2 scene.

Most teams have a few games left to play, and after the last gameday on October 31st, the top 4 teams from each group advance to a double-elimination bracket, to play for 4 spots at the LAN finals. These finals will take place at the end of November, and the European teams victorious in the playoffs will be joined by 4 teams, 2 from the SEA region of the league, and a further two from the Chinese division. 4ASC and Lajons have both secured playoff places, alongside ru AlbumSheet in Group A, but the rest of the places are up for grabs.