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The first day of the WCA 2014 is over, and despite a lot of delays and streaming problems caused by the perfect world servers, the matches were amazing. Most of the European teams showed strong performances with both Alliance and Cloud9 progressing to the second round of the upper bracket.

ua Natus Vincere kicked off the WCA 2014 playing against TI4-champions cn NewBee, but were no match for the Chinese giants and fell to the lower bracket after a 0-2 Cloud9 did better, as they managed to beat cn LGD with a clutch 2-1, coming back with two straight wins after dropping their first game.

The third European team in the competition, se Alliance, did even better, as they managed to get a clean 2-0 sweep against their opponents the newly formed my Team Malaysia captained by my Chai Yee 'Mushi' Fung. A domestic matchup ended the day, as cn invictus Gaming went up against cn Vici Gaming. 'Black^' and company reigned supreme as they wiped iG off the board after a 2-0 victory. The second matchup for the lower bracket will be Team Malaysia vs iG.

Despite hardfought matches and good Dota on their first day, the WCA still didn't leave the perfect impression on the viewers, with the cancellation of the cn DK showmatch due to scheduling issues. It also didn't help that the PerfectWorld-servers were often acting up, forcing many casters to cast off DotaTV, instead of in-game. DotaTV was also the victim of lags, resulting in drops down to as low as one frame per second.

Photo by Helen Xu ‏@XiiTuzi

However, one highlight of the day was the players celebrating ca Kurtis 'Aui_200' Ling's birthday with a gigantic cake, and panda plushies. The battle continues tomorrow with some interesting round 2 matches.

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