Roots removed from The Defense

posted by Mantis.,

[B]Roots[/B] have been officially removed from "The Defense" citing disbandment reasons and will no longer participate in the tournament due to internal conflicts within the team.The same leading to little or no practice between them.
Formerly known as [B]FailMicro[/B],the team is well known to upset established power houses such as Moscow5 and OK.Nirvana.Int in the third edition of Farm 4 Fame.

[U][B]Previous Achievements[/B][/U]
3rd - Argh League XIII - division 1 (2011)
1st - Pick League XIV - division 2b (2011)
2nd - Argh League XIV - division 1 (2011)

Hence, their previous as well as future matches will stand to this day null and void resulting in a defloss.

Jannik 'Turpin' Jakobsen (Manager)
Emir '' Hasanbasic (Coach)
Thomas 'Absurd' Frederic (Captain)
Jere 'marge' Haataja
Rani 'Babarrr' Al Hajj
Mohammad 'ET' Itani