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With more than 400 matches played in the top tier divisions many battles were fought over the course of the past 2 months in Europe, Asia and the Americas. With a few bumps on the way, we now hit the playoffs. Find out which teams made the cut.

Another season of joinDOTA League will soon come to an end. With the European Premier Division playoffs already having kicked off, let us recap the road that led us there.


Division 1

The European Division 1 was plagued by team issues. The two teams which would’ve surely been favourites to reach the finals (ru VP and dk MYM) chose to withdraw due to schedule clashes, and the Romanian team ro TCN disbanded. However, no issues stopped the mighty by Power Rangers from delivering stellar performances and clinching the #1 spot in the division. The ever-fluctuating eu Sqreen’s Squad followed suit, with kz rounding off the top 3. se Team Coast received the final playoff ticket, after crucial tiebreaker wins against the ex-champions
bt hehe and rs mYi, both of who will keep their Division 1 spots. The German mix-team
de GOOMBA Gaming will have to fight to remain in the top race.

Division 2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3)

Europe’s three secondary divisions gave us a peek at teams on the rise. Particularly noteworthy are the teams who earned their spot in the interdivisional playoffs- the Serbian squad rs eu4ia, ua Kompas Gaming (who narrowly missed out on an I-league LAN finals spot), the Swedes from se House of Gamers, Denmark’s dk Fabulous 5 who made a fabulous comeback to reach the playoffs, ru Moscow 5 (who had a nearly perfect record in their respective division), ru Album Sheet and the wildcard team pl Bened + 5, getting here through a tiebreaker.

They will fight for one of the 4 slots available in Division 1.


Division 1

The Eastern part of S3 witnessed a few postpones here and there, mostly due to the teams’ packed schedules, but made up for it with exciting games. my Titan stomped their way straight to the playoff final, while SEA giants sg First Departure and my Invasion E-Sports followed.

sg Insidious Idol overpowered th MiTH.Trust in a tiebreaker earlier this week to snatch the last playoff spot. MiTH is joined by my Arrow Gaming and ph Mineski in retaining a premier division slot, while sg Kingdom and the sole Aussie au Team Immunity will look to do the same in the Div.1-2 playoff. id Zero Latitude will be relegated to Division 2.

Division 2 (2.1, 2.2)

Leading the pack in Asia 2.1 are Singaporean teams sg Assail and sg ImpreZa (both with impressive scores of 16-2), thus earning a chance to get in the top division. ph Arcanys dominated Asia’s other secondary division, strolling through with only one defeat. They will be joined by my Regal, who edged out G7 in the race for the playoffs.

A total of 6 teams will clash for 3 top-flight slots.


Division 1

The American part of jDL saw fan favourite team us Sneaky Nyx Assassins forfeit all of their games due to issues with server locations. By doing so, they blew the Americas race wide open, with Peruvian squads pe Not Today and pe Union Gaming easily overtaking the competition and finishing first and second respectively. Yet another South-American team, br The House is Down, wraps up the top 3, leaving us Tengen as the only North-American hope in the playoffs. Barely missing out are us TOP5 (having recently played in the ESL NY qualifiers as well), who are to remain in Division 1, joined by the Canadians from ca Boreal eSports.

The Brazilians from br paiN-Gaming (formerly br CNB eSports Club) and the Argentinians from
ar Isurus Gaming were not lucky enough to make it out of the tiebreak, but will get a second chance in the interdivisional playoffs. ve NO Earthspirit will go directly to Division 2.

Division 2 (2.1, 2.2)

ESL One NY qualifier participants the us Thundercats! and us ROOT Gaming convincingly led the way in America 2.1, with an identical score of 16-2, thus getting well-deserved playoff spots. Over in 2.2 it was yet another NA team, us Flipsid3 Tactics, decimating their opponents in the battle for number one. The sole Argentinian team in this group, the ar Argentinian Rejects, grabbed the final playoff spot, leaving br BoraDota behind with only one win making all the difference.

6 teams fighting for 4 premiere division slots.

Make sure to follow joinDOTA for all the playoff matches to come, as well as the impending Season 4 announcement. Lastly, huge shoutout to all the jDL tournament admins who contributed to making this season possible again.