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Its finally time for BenQ's second edition of "The Clash". Eight teams will battle it out for a winner takes all prize pool of 500 Euroes
Due to the high amount of matches that will be going on tonight, only a couple of matches will be streamed. But rest assured, we picked the best ones to cast. There will also be two different language casts. One in English done by [B]TobiWan[/B] himself and a Russian one done by [B]V1lat[/B].

Matches kick off at [B]1800 CET[/B]. So be sure to tune in for a DotA-filled night!

Tobiwan's English Stream:
1800  au [B]Natural 9[/B] vs ru [B]Moscow5[/B]
1930  de [B]mouz[/B] vs fr [B]Shakira[/B]
2100  dk [B]SK[/B] vs se [B]xP[/B]
2230  ru [B]Retry[/B] vs se [B]mTw[/B]

V1lat's Russian Stream:
1800 dk [B]SK[/B] vs ru [B]TR[/B]
1930 dk [B]SK[/B] vs se [B]mTw[/B]
2100 fr [B]Shakira[/B] vs ru [B]M5[/B]
2230 ru [B]M5[/B] vs de [B]Mouz[/B]

To ensure that we don't miss out on a single game of The Defense, [B]Versuta[/B] will be casting the remaining games in Russian stream.

Vertusa's Russian stream:
1800 se [B]xP[/B] vs se [B]mTw[/B]
1930 ru [B]TR[/B] vs se [B]xP[/B]
2100 au [B]Natural 9[/B] vs de [B]mouz[/B]
2230 au [B]Natural 9[/B] vs fr [B]Shakira[/B]