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As the three regional qualifiers of i-League concluded some time ago, it was determined that five Chinese teams, two European teams and one Korean team would attend the main event. The LAN finals will take place in cn Shanghai and we finally have a first peek of the somewhat imbalanced playoff bracket right here.
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The $311,705 main event will kick off the 25th this month and play out over five days before a champion can be crowned. The very generous prizepool has grown quite a bit with use of the popular crowd funding, that was introduced prior the the International 4.

However, even though the tournament features some of China's finest teams, only one of them will make it through to the grand finals due to the format of the playoff bracket. Fans hoping to see the big Chinese teams class will not have to wait long as cn Vici Gaming, cn Team DK and cn Invictus Gaming remarkably find themselves in the same side of the playoff tree.

The event will be streamed by joinDOTA over at jDRed.

Featured teams

[bisplit]kr Rave
ru Virtus.Pro
cn TongFu.OB
by Power Rangers[split]cn Team DK
cn Vici Gaming
cn Invictus Gaming

Prizepool distribution

1st - [color=gold]$96,505 (50%)[/color]
2nd - [color=gold]$38,602 (20%)[/color]
3rd - [color=gold]$19,301 (10%)[/color]
4th - [color=gold]$19,301 (10%)[/color]
5th - [color=gold]$4,825 (2.5%)[/color]
5th - [color=gold]$4,825 (2.5%)[/color]
5th - [color=gold]$4,825 (2.5%)[/color]
5th - [color=gold]$4,825 (2.5%)[/color]

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