Team Tinker unable to attend Game Show

posted by Morantyx,
The first season of the Game Show Dota 2 League is lurking behind the corner as the six participating teams start arriving in Moscow. ua Natus Vincere and ru Team Empire will face 4 other teams during the LAN playoffs on the path to DreamHack Moscow. However, world Team Tinker has been replaced due to Visa issues.

Because of the unfortunate removal of world Team Tinker, poster boy SingSing will miss out on a chance to participate in DreamHack Moscow. ru Virtus.Pro have been invited to replace the popular team, granting the Russian squad a second chance after being eliminated during the qualifiers. The same can be said about ua NVMI, who also received a direct invite despite losing against ru Hellraisers in the deciding match of the qualifiers, which granted the victor the last ticket to the playoffs after going down against ru Moscow Five in the upper bracket final.

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