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World e-Sports Championships has just concluded with an exciting Grand Finals series with us Evil Geniuses taking down world Cloud 9 in two Bo3s. The unusual format provided us with a brilliant set of games as EG was able to triumph over their fellow Western team bringing home the lion’s share of the over $160,000 prize pool.

Both teams showed brilliant form in their run through the tournament and were no doubt the deserving teams to reach the grand finals on their play alone. While us EG had to work their way back through the Lower Bracket after stumbling on Vici Gaming on day one, world Cloud 9 was able to cruise through the Upper Bracket without much contention, only dropping one game to cn LGD. This was also the first time these two teams met since the International with both of them changing rosters along the way.

world Cloud 9 set out into the grand finals with one Bo3 under their belts which put them in a comfortable situation, only one Bo3 away from victory, while us EG needed to win the first series just to tie things up. The first Bo3 series was a back-and-forth effort between the two teams, which ultimately boiled down to the amazing play from Universe in game one and three respectively. While his Sven from game one definitely springs in mind it was the game breaking Faceless Void he demonstrated in the third game of the series that tipped the scale into EG favor netting them the important round win to tie things up.

Universe caught 4 people in his Chronosphere, Aegis secured.

The last Bo3 of the tournament begun shakily for world Cloud 9 as they were unable to capitalize on their immensely powerful lineup - the Drow Ranger/Visage/Lycan trio - falling just short of an important game one victory as us EG exploit the weaknesses in the nervous play of Cloud 9. Empowered by their success in game one the Americans went on to take the series with a splendid 13-minute smash over C9, proving all the naysayers that the new EG lineup is now truly ready to take on the world.

us Evil Geniuses takes the victory over world Cloud 9 2 to 1, securing the first title of the new season.

Prize Pool Distribution

1st place - us Evil Geniuses - ~$96,060
2nd place - world Cloud 9 - ~$32,020
3rd place - cn Vici Gaming - ~$16,010
4th place - cn NewBee - ~$8,005
5th-8th place - ua Na'Vi/cn LGD/cn LGD.cdec/cn HGT - ~$3,202

The Grid
The peculiar grand final format put up by the WEC crew consisted of three best of threes, with one Bo3 upper bracket advantage. This is the first time we’ve witnessed this sort of setup on a bigger stage and while it worked well for this occasion, it’ll be interesting to see if it takes root in the other events to come.

(VoDs will be available as soon as they are uploaded.)

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