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The SEA community will have to witness the World eSports Championship without its beloved Titan, who will not participate due to "visa problems". With no other SEA team invited and less than 48 hours before the tournament kicks off, WEC will most probably carry on without a SEA representative. *UPDATE* VG confirmed as Titan's replacement.

Given the competition is only two days away, anything other than a swift Titan replacement in the form of cn iG or cn VG would be a big surprise. Titan is the second team to withdraw because of visas issues, with eu Team Secret also plagued by visa issues that stopped them from heading to Hangzhou, China. Team Secret were replaced by Na'vi but the the organisers have yet to officially announce the replacement for Titan, assuming they can find one at such short notice.

Titan Manager Tiffani broke the news on Twitter

Update #1 Vici Gaming have confirmed on their Twitter that they will be replacing Titan.

VG become the fifth Chinese team at the event

Participating teams

cn Newbee
cn HyperGloryTeam
cn LGD Gaming
cn Vici Gaming
us Evil Geniuses
world Cloud 9
ua Natus Vincere

For information on the schedule, prize money and JoinDOTA broadcasts head here.