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After an overwhelming hype during several weeks of rumours and guesses, eu Team Secret finally revealed their roster not too long ago. The latest rumour said that the Secret Team is the new home of a few International Champions, so lets grab us some detection for this mysterious new team and find out who they are.
Image courtesy of GosuGamers.

Latest rumour was more or less confirmed by GosuGamers, who added the Secret Team to their database as you can see on the picture above. Although their nicknames were shrouded, everyone is already convinced that this is the line-up for this Secret Team.

Team Secret played against se Alliance tonight in the tenth anniversery season of StarLadder StarSeries. Hype of the moment Team Secret lost hard against the power of Alliance, therebye losing in their first official match. But cut them some slack, they are only practising together for a few days.

Another website increased the chance that the surprise might have been spoiled, as StarLadder made a similar page for Team Secret.

Player pictures taken from Liquipedia.

The wait is over !

KuroKy a.k.a. Kudosy

de Kuro Salehi Takhasomi

Former support player of ua Natus Vincere.

Former Team: ua Natus Vincere

s4 a.k.a. f5

se Gustav Magnusson

Winner of the third edition of The International.

Former Team: se Alliance

Fly a.k.a. Walk

il Tal Aizik

Former support player for Fnatic, the dream of every girl.

Former Team: eu Fnatic

BigDaddy a.k.a. SmallMommy a.k.a. N0tail

dk Johan Sundstein

Former support player for Fnatic, handsome man and relocate genius.

Former Team: eu Fnatic

Puppey a.k.a. Kitteyn

ee Clement Ivanov

Winner of the first International and three-time finalist.

Former Team: ua Natus Vincere

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