Megafon Battle Arena comes to closure

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Megafon Battle Arena has come to an exciting conclusion with world Team Tinker toppling the new ua Na’Vi squad in four games, only dropping one match against the Ukrainians who showed a terrific performance against ru VP yesterday. With their victory TT snatches a lion’s share of the $15,000 prize pool as well as their first major event as a team.

An event which was originally intended to be casted on SeeMePlay’s brand new streaming platform was derailed to Twitch by the technical difficulties plaguing the day one. After some tinkering they managed to get the service working for the finals between ua Na’Vi and world Team Tinker which proved to be an entertaining Bo5 spectacle. Both teams came off solid victories in their semi-final matchups and surged into finals with one thing in mind.

The finals started off as a back-and-forth effort between the two as both teams were able to secure a round for themselves in game one and two respectively. The third game of the best of five series was an entertaining thriller and a slugfest with eight of the ten heroes on the field breaking the 10k barrier in net worth before the match was over. world Team Tinker opted for a heavy pushing-oriented lineup and eventually managed to mow down their opposition and take the lead in the series 2 to 1. Reinvigorated by their victory and trusting yet another pushing lineup, Team Tinker went on to take the series in a convincing fashion as they broke the back ua Natus Vincere in the final game of the day.

The victory in Megafon Battle Arena is the first major title for world Team Tinker who are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. While the new ua Na’Vi lineup only managed to secure a second place finish, it’s a great start for a team who carries perhaps the biggest expectations in the whole industry. Time will tell how these two teams will fare against the revamped rosters of the other major players, but for now the future is looking bright for both of the teams.

Prize pool distribution:

1st place - world Team Tinker - $10,000
2nd place - ua Na’Vi - $5,000

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