The new LGD roster, only Yao remains

posted by Morantyx,
The Chinese squad cn LGD Gaming has formed an almost complete new roster. The only remainder of the former line-up is Yao "Yao" Zhengzheng, who will be joined by a variety of incredible players from other strong Chinese teams. Sylar has left cn Vici Gaming to rejoin LGD, MMY came over from cn Team DK and Faith is a former member of cn Invictus Gaming. As opposed to the earlier announcement, InJuly from the former team of cn Dream Time will play in the main squad and not Inflame from cn CIS Game.

LGD Gaming complete roster

cn Yao "Yao" Zhengzheng
mo Liang "ddc" Faming
cn Xu "Lin" Ziyang
cn Liu "Sylar" Jiajun
cn Lei "MMY" Zengrong
cn Zeng "Faith" Hongda
cn Xiaodong "InJuly" Yang
cn He "Inflame" Yongzheng

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