Game Show Dota 2 League Season One

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On September 11, Moscow will kick off the first season of the Game Show Dota 2 League in Moscow Cyber Stadium, where six teams will battle for $50,000 and sweet victory through a round robin system. After which the semi- and grand finals will be played at DreamHack Moscow on the 13th, live in Stadium Live.
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During three days, six teams will compete in the Game Show Dota 2 League for a chance to grab the cup at DreamHack Moscow. ua Natus Vincere and world Team Tinker have received a direct invite for this event. They will be joined by two other teams that yet remain unknown. The last two spots are reserved for the best two teams of the qualifier.


Closed CIS Qualifier (August 30-31)

Teams in the qualifier

ru Team Empire
ru Virtus.Pro
ru DreamTeam168
ru Moscow Five
ru Relax, you're doing fine
by Power Rangers
kz xGame


Double Elimination

Best 2 teams advance


Stage 1 - LAN playoffs at Moscow Cyber Stadium (September 11-12)

Teams with a direct invite

ua Natus Vincere
world Team Tinker
world TBA
world TBA

Qualified teams

eu Winner of the WB final (Bo3)
eu Winner of the LB final (Bo3)


Round Robin

Best 4 teams advance

Stage 2 - LAN finals at DreamHack Moscow, Stadium Live (September 13)


Single Elimination

Both semi finals and the grand final will be played on the first day of DreamHack Moscow

Prize pool distribution

1st place
2nd place
3rd + 4th place
5th + 6th place

In addition to the prize money, another $30,000 is available for travel support for the teams.


ru Russian commentary by the Game Show Studio and some special guests.
uk English commentary will be handled by Beyond The Summit.

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