Team Tinker forms for i-League Qualifiers

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Consisting of world-famous players like nl SingSing, us BuLba and se Pajkatt, eu Team Tinker will participate in the upcoming North American/European Qualifiers for i-League for a chance to visit the finals in Shanghai.

Newly formed Team Tinker has just signed up for the NA/EU i-League Qualifiers starting on the 11th of August, competing for one of two invites to the LAN play-offs in Shanghai. According to member Pajkatt, Team Tinker will only play together for i-League.

Team Tinker Roster:

nl Wehsing "SingSing" Yuen

Currently part of world Cloud 9, SingSing is probably the highest leverage player in pro Dota 2. Over his last 200 pro matches, Cloud 9 are 92-10 (90.2%) when he has a K:D ratio of 2 or higher, while they are only 17-81 (17.3%) when he has a K:D below 2. Also known for his revolutionary "shoot arrow hit arrow"-tactic when playing his favourite hero Mirana, SingSing is well received among the community for his humorous antics live on stream.

se Per Anders "Pajkatt" Olsson Lille

Normally playing for world Mousesports, the swedish player Pajkatt's favourite roles are solo mid and carry - which is a trait he shares with most of his momentary teammates. Often regarded as one of the best players from Sweden, an extremely precise last-hitter and skilled hard carry, Pajkatt will surely be a valuable asset on the road to Shanghai.

us Sam "BuLba" Sosale

The only American player among his European teammates, BuLba strongly prefers and is highly respected for playing a convincing solo mid role with heroes such as Invoker or Tinker. His efficient Tinker has helped his team, us Team Liquid, win many games by stopping enemy pushes dead in their tracks. But the question is: will he be the Tinker for Team Tinker?

de Max "qojqva" Broecker

Another member of Team Liquid, the German qojqva, will join his teammate BuLba in the temporary Team Tinker. Preferring the offlane role himself, he might just fit in with his carry-preferring mates by picking up some of his signature heroes such as Lone Druid or Nature's Prophet. By the way: qojqva had the fewest deaths per match (2.4) of any player at The International 4 and was among the Top 5 in kills per match (6.9) and gold per minute (542).

se Steve "Excalibur" Ye

Excalibur, risen from an amateur legend (aka "pubstar") to the professional level by playing as a standin for eu Fnatic, will be the fifth and final member. Quickly proving his value by going 10-0 on Tinker against cn Team DK during The Summit, he became one of the rising stars of the Dota2 pro scene. Another carry-focused player, will he be able to multiply his fame as the newest high-skilled discovery among pub players?

Interestingly, the provisional Team Tinker consists largely of carry/solo mid players, some of which have a knack for Tinker - which explains the name, but not the role distribution among the temporary allies. Keeping qojqva in his preferred offlane role seems just as possible as him moving down to a 4 or 5 position to make room for his farm-hungry teammates and letting maybe BuLba take the offlane, while SingSing and Excalibur take solo mid and carry respectively, with a supporting/jungling Pajkatt (a last-hitting machine in the jungle - imagine that).

Then again, maybe it is time to let Excalibur demonstrate if he is as good of a support as a carry, even though this could lead to wasted potential for the "new hope". Fan favourite would undoubtedly be a roaming SingSing, just for kicks. But, my silly speculations aside, the exact role distribution is yet unknown.

i-League is sponsored by ImbaTV and will feature a total prize pool of ¥1,692,620 (~$274,881) as of today, with an additional $2,50 per sold ticket. More about i-League can be found here.

Which one of these golddiggers will be on ward duty?

This article was written by de Roland Fabritius, a joinDOTA writer.Having played WC3 DotA on and off, the interest for Dota2 was always there - but after seeing the first International live in Cologne, the damage was done. Now he is here, trying to turn his interest in the glorious timesink that is Dota2 into news and articles for the community.Location: Darmstadt, Germany