Scythe disbands, players join First.Departure

posted by Vekus,
The TI 4 reshuffle hits the SEA scene once more, as sg Scythe Gaming disbanded after a mediocre performance in The International 2014 SEA Qualifiers. While the organisation might drop their team, the players will stick together, playing under the flag of sg First.Departure.
Sailing under a new flag...

Being unstable to say at least, the SEA scene has failed to deliver a top Tier contender since The International 2013, where my Orange took a third place, even slaying the Chinese giants on the way there. With no achievements under their belt, teams have hard times finding(and holding) a sponsor, and that's exactly the story of former sg Scythe Gaming.

Despite they managed to put up promising results in the beginning, they couldn't follow through, resulting in the organization withdrawing after a mediocre finish in this years International SEA qualifiers. The team however, decided to stay together under the banner of sg First.Departure, looking to compete again at high level.

Current Roster:

sg Chan Jun 'Lubby' Jie
sg Kai
sg 'daFa-'
sg Galvin 'Meracle' Kang
sg Ang Kok 'Ks' Sin

Standin: sg Wilson 'Poloson' Koh

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